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Drag queens gather at a buffet. Artwork by N.M.

If you’ve ever wandered through the rainbow-hued aisles of gay literature, you’ll know it’s like finding yourself in an elaborate Las Vegas buffet. Here, the shelves are stocked with an array of genres that cater to every taste and mood. You’ve got the spicy romances that leave you hot and bothered. The science fiction that spins tales of distance galaxies where gender is as fluid as the cocktails. Don’t overlook the memoirs, the heart and soul of the gathering, offering up slices of life so raw, you’ll want to ask, “Can I have some wasabi with that?” And, for those with a taste for the dramatic, the poetry and drama shelf awaits, ready to serve you emotion on a platter, no utensils necessary. It’s a rich, eclectic collection that spans genres as effortlessly as a drag queen switches personas. Trust me, there’s something for everyone, from the fantasy-loving nerds playing DnD in the basement to the highbrow critics who sip on brandy while reading poetry.

Now, let’s talk history for a moment, shall we?  Gay literature didn’t just spring up overnight like a mushroom in a damp closet. No, it’s been around, evolving from the whispered scandals of yesteryear to our current era, where LGBTQ stories regularly grace the New York Times bestseller list. We owe a nod to the trailblazers, the likes of Virginia Woolf and Oscar Wilde, who penned their truths when doing so was as risky as wearing white at a wine tasting. They set the stage for today’s voices, the likes of Roxane Gay and André Aciman, who continue to push the narrative envelope. Gay literature offers an ever-expanding dialogue that enriches our understanding of the human condition.

The Importance of Gay Books

You know, gay books aren’t just the spice in the literary stew; they’re the potatoes, the meat, and sometimes the dessert all rolled into one. They play an indispensable role in painting the broader strokes of human experience. For those of us in the LGBTQ community, these books are like seeing our reflection in a funhouse mirror—slightly distorted, perhaps, but recognizable and, more importantly, visible. These narratives offer a lifeline in a world where understanding and acceptance have not always been freely given.  They’re the stories that whisper, “Hey, you’re not the only one who’s ever felt this way,” during those 3 AM moments of doubt.

For the wider society, these gay books serve as windows into lives that may be different from their own, bridging gaps with the power of story. They are like those glasses in science fiction that let you see aliens walking among us. Except the aliens are us—just regular folks trying to navigate love, laundry, and, occasionally, intergalactic travel.  Through the trials and triumphs of their characters, gay books foster empathy, promote understanding, and challenge stereotypes. These stories stretch the fabric of our societal pants, making room for more empathy, understanding, and the occasional awkward bulge of realization that, yes, people are different, and that’s what makes the party interesting.

Exploring Genres of Gay Books

As we saunter through each genre, our forthcoming articles will act like your personal literary sommelier, recommending the perfect blend of titles to suit your palate. Whether you’re in the mood for a tear-jerker, a belly laugh, or a mind-bender, we’ve got you covered. So, loosen your belt, grab a plate, and let’s feast on the smorgasbord of LGBTQ books laid out before us. Just remember, in this literary buffet, it’s perfectly acceptable to go back for seconds, thirds, or even fourths.

P.S. We use affiliate links, which basically means if you buy a book after clicking through our site we might [gasp] earn a small commission. But hey, at least you won’t be judged for your reading choices here. And don’t worry, it won’t affect your price!

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Gay Fantasy Books We Know You’ll Love

We begin our journey with a trip through gay fantasy, where spellcasters are as diverse as a pride parade, and magic defies the gender binary. Here, love battles dark forces, and castles fly the rainbow flag high. Our curated list of gay fantasy books is your portal to worlds where being yourself isn’t just accepted—it’s celebrated. Ready for an adventure?

To Shape a Dragon’s Breath

Nampeshiweisit #1

by Moniquill Blackgoose

A fiery spirit clashes with a rigid regime in this first installment of a dazzling new fantasy series.

On the windswept isle of Masquapaug, where whispers of forgotten dragons still linger, fifteen-year-old Anequs stumbles upon a dormant ember: a dragon egg. The islanders erupt in joyous celebration, for dragons were once their symbiotic partners, warding off autumnal tempests. Anequs, chosen by the hatchling, becomes a revered “Nampeshiweisit” – a dragon-bonded one.

Unfortunately, the Anglish conquerors have a decidedly different perspective on winged beasts. Their dragon academy, a bastion of inflexible protocol, demands conformity – a quality Anequs, with her wild spirit and ancestral knowledge, decidedly lacks. Grudgingly admitted, she faces an uphill battle against social snobbery and a curriculum that airbrushes her people’s history.

Undeterred, Anequs is as sharp as a flint knife. She navigates the treacherous social landscape while gleaning forbidden wisdom, determined to nurture her dragon and defy the Anglish expectations of a docile damsel. This isn’t just a coming-of-age story for Anequs and her dragon; it’s a rebellion brewing, a realization that the world needs a good shake-up, and they might just be the fiery catalysts for change.

The Sun and the Star: A Nico di Angelo Adventure

Camp Half-Blood Chronicles #17

by Rick Riordan, Mark Oshiro

A Descent into Darkness with a Ray of Sunshine

Love and loss collide in the heart of Tartarus. Nico di Angelo, son of Hades and a demigod with a lifetime’s worth of woes (think: dead mom, dead sister, accidental outing), finds solace (pun intended) in his boyfriend, Will Solace, son of Apollo. Together, they’re a powerhouse duo, but even power couples face trials.

Nico is haunted by a voice from Tartarus, the Underworld’s deepest, most unpleasant region. It might belong to Bob, a reformed Titan left behind by Percy and Annabeth. With cryptic dreams and a chilling prophecy from Rachel Dare, Nico knows he must descend. Mr. D and Chiron (the camp director and resident centaur, respectively) can shove it.

But here’s the rub: Will, a literal ray of sunshine, joins the rescue mission. Can his solar power survive the abyss? And what of the prophecy’s ominous whisper about leaving something “of equal value” behind?

This standalone adventure throws Nico into the fiery heart of his own demons (both literal and metaphorical) while testing his bond with Will. Prepare for a descent into darkness with a touch of romance – perfect for fans of the Percy Jackson saga.

The Eidolon

The Magnus Academy #1

by K.D. Edwards

Unveil the secrets of the Sun Court, where ancient threats meet modern magic.

In the grand finale of K.D. Edwards’ debut trilogy within The Tarot Sequence saga, readers embarked on a wild ride alongside Rune, racing against the clock as an ancient menace threatened the vibrant city of New Atlantis. Now, enter The Eidolon, a juicy exposé unveiling the untold escapades of Max, Quinn, and Anna trapped within the secretive lair of the Hourglass Throne’s stronghold.

Clocking in at a brisk 200 pages, The Eidolon serves as a tantalizing extension to the narrative tapestry spun in Book 3 of KD Edwards’ groundbreaking series, The Tarot Sequence. Here, we witness the blossoming camaraderie of the young Sun Court cohorts, primed for future adventures set amidst the hallowed halls of Magnus Academy, New Atlantis’s go-to hub for spellcasting shenanigans.

The Wicked Bargain

by Gabe Cole Novoa

Sail into adventure with Mar as they face off against el Diablo in a fiery quest for redemption and revolution on the high seas!

In this Latinx pirate escapade, the devil truly dances in the details as we embark on a journey alongside Mar León-de la Rosa, a transmasculine nonbinary teenager with a thirst for vengeance, absolution, and upheaval.

Upon Mar’s sixteenth birthday, the sinister specter of el Diablo makes its ominous presence known. Mar, harboring a clandestine magical prowess in manipulating fire and ice, finds themselves ensnared in a dire predicament born of their father’s ill-fated pact. Now, el Diablo has come to exact his toll: the souls of Mar’s father and their entire seafaring crew.

Miraculously salvaged by the lone surviving band of pirates in the Caribbean, Mar is confronted once more by el Diablo, offering a grim ultimatum: surrender one’s soul to salvage their father’s fate before the Harvest Moon or relinquish all hope of reunion. Faced with a seemingly insurmountable task, Mar’s resolve remains unyielding, refusing to broker any deal and doubting the potency of their own magic against the devil’s machinations. Yet, amidst the tempest of uncertainty, unexpected allies emerge: Bas, a maddeningly conceited and dashing pirate, scion of the captain; and Dami, a gender-fluid demonio with motives shrouded in mystery. For Mar, this newfound alliance may signify a leap into uncharted waters of courage and self-discovery, where their arcane talents could either herald redemption or seal their fate in the abyss of oblivion.

The Future King

by Robyn Schneider

Step back into the realm of Camelot, where magic, mischief, and matters of the heart reign supreme.

Fresh from a triumphant showdown with the sorceress Morgana Le Fay to safeguard the interworld portal, Emry Merlin finds herself in the spotlight. No longer constrained by the guise of a male wizard, she basks in the afterglow of her victory, drawing closer to Prince Arthur with each passing moment. Even her endearingly bumbling twin brother, Emmett, now graces the Camelot court with his presence.

Yet, behind Emry’s façade of confidence lies a clandestine truth, one she shares with only a select few. Her once-reliable magic has begun to spiral out of control, weaving spells of unintended consequences. Meanwhile, Prince Arthur grapples with the weight of destiny, acknowledging his own inadequacies in the face of Camelot’s looming future—until tragedy strikes, forcing his hand. And amidst the courtly intrigue, Guinevere finds herself entangled in a web of forbidden dalliances, straying from the path laid out for her.

Return to the hallowed halls of Camelot, where gossip swirls as fervently as the mystical energies in this eagerly awaited sequel to The Other Merlin. As Emry embraces her newfound freedom to train openly as a female wizard, life at court teeters on the precipice of chaos, fueled by her escalating magical unpredictability and the undeniable allure of her forbidden love for the future King Arthur.

The Severed Thread

The Bone Spindle #2

by Leslie Vedder

Enter a realm where fate’s tapestry is woven with threads of courage, magic, and unbreakable bonds.

Which strands of destiny will hold firm, and which will fray and fracture beyond repair?

In this enthralling sequel to the bestselling The Bone Spindle, the dynamic duo of clever, bookish Fi and her stalwart, ax-wielding partner Shane return to captivate readers once more. Set against the backdrop of a gender-flipped retelling of Sleeping Beauty, their saga unfolds in a world reminiscent of Sorcery of Thorns and The Cruel Prince.

Fi’s awakening of the slumbering prince heralds merely the beginning of their arduous quest to reclaim Andar from the clutches of darkness. Standing between them and their elusive happily ever after are formidable adversaries: the enigmatic Spindle Witch, relentless Witch Hunters, and Fi’s own Butterfly Curse, all conspiring to thwart their path.

Shane, ever the loyal companion, stands ready to defend Fi at any cost. Yet, her resolve is put to the ultimate test as she confronts Red, the formidable enforcer of the Spindle Witch, whom she is determined to rescue against all odds.

Meanwhile, Briar Rose, the would-be king, grapples with his own inner demons, ensnared in a malevolent bond with the Spindle Witch that threatens to consume him from within.

Amidst the tumult of their quest, the fate of Andar hinges upon unraveling the secrets encoded within a mysterious tome, locating the hidden enclave of the last remaining Witches, and unearthing a long-lost revelation—one that may hold the key to toppling the Spindle Witch’s reign of terror. But in a world where danger lurks around every corner, survival is far from assured.

Immerse yourself in a realm of twisted fairy tales, where ancient ruins, unbreakable friendships, and pulse-pounding romance converge in The Severed Thread, a spellbinding tale sure to leave readers on the edge of their seats.

Love Among the Stars: Exploring the World of Gay Sci-Fi

Explore universes where love knows no bounds and identities shimmer like starlight in these gay science fiction books.  Uncover hidden empires with warrior queens and rebel hackers.  Join telepathic detectives solving mysteries on neon-drenched planets.  Laugh with genderfluid pirates on asteroid-hopping adventures.  Embrace the future where love stories are written amongst the stars and every hero can find their happily ever after.

The Mars House

by Natasha Pulley

Love, politics, and cosmic calamity collide in this uproarious tale of mistaken identities and unexpected alliances.

From the whimsical mind behind The Watchmaker of Filigree Street emerges a tale that catapults readers into a cosmic dance of intrigue, where love and politics twirl hand in hand amidst the red sands of Mars.

Meet January, once a luminary of London’s Royal Ballet, now an interplanetary refugee navigating the dusty terrain of Tharsis. But here’s the twist: January’s plight isn’t just about adjusting to life on Mars—it’s about surviving as an Earthstronger, forever marked by his inability to fully embrace the planet’s gravitational embrace. Enter Aubrey Gale,a xenophobic politician named Aubrey Gale running on a platform that would make it all worse: Gale wants all Earthstrongers to be surgically naturalized, a process that can be anything from disabling to deadly.

When January’s world collides with Gale’s political theater, the stage is set for a performance of cosmic proportions. Facing public scrutiny and personal turmoil, January reluctantly enters into a matrimonial charade with Gale—a strategic move to save face and fortune for both parties. Yet, beneath the veneer of marital bliss lies a tangled web of secrets and surprises.

As January waltzes through the corridors of power and passion, he soon discovers that Gale is more than meets the eye.

January must navigate a galaxy of absurdity and ambition, unraveling mysteries and forging unexpected alliances along the way. With danger lurking in the Martian shadows, January must summon his inner grace and grit to outmaneuver his adversaries and save Tharsis from impending doom.

Iron Widow

Iron Widow #1

by Xiran Jay Zhao

Chrysalises and the Art of Unconventional Vengeance

In the sprawling tapestry of Huaxia, where boys harbor dreams of piloting colossal Chrysalises alongside girls, the stakes are as high as the Great Wall itself. These transforming behemoths wage war against mecha aliens, their metallic sinews pulsating with destiny. But here’s the twist: the girls, these ethereal co-pilots, often succumb to the mental strain, their souls unraveling like delicate silken threads.

Enter Zetian, a tempest in human form. At eighteen, she offers herself as a concubine-pilot, not for love or duty, but for vengeance. Her target? The ace male pilot who orchestrated her sister’s demise. Yet, fate dances a macabre jig. Through the psychic tether that binds them, Zetian dispatches her nemesis, emerging unscathed from the cockpit—a phoenix of retribution. And so, she earns her epithet: Iron Widow—a whispered legend, feared and silenced, who feeds boys to the insatiable maw of Chrysalises.

But behold, the plot thickens. Li Shimin, the enigmatic male pilot, strides into her life—a tempest of contradictions. Strong, controversial, and harboring secrets darker than the void beyond the Wall. Their union is no mere partnership; it’s a volatile alchemy of power and defiance. Zetian, once a pawn, now wields her newfound might with audacity. She’ll dance upon the precipice of infamy, surviving each assassination attempt with the grace of a blade’s edge. Her mission? To unravel the misogynistic machinery of the pilot system, to halt the sacrificial procession of girls.

In this war-torn ballet, Zetian pirouettes toward revolution, her resolve unyielding. For the Chrysalises may be forged of steel, but it’s the fire within her that will reshape destiny itself.

The Edge of the Abyss

The Abyss Surrounds Us #2

by Emily Skrutskie

Of Reckoners and Rogue Tides

Three weeks have pirouetted across the sea, their salty skirts trailing behind Cassandra Leung—a reluctant corsair, pledged to the merciless pirate-queen, Santa Elena. Her prize? Bao—the sea monster Reckoner, once shackled by her training, now unshackled by fate. The rigors of piracy etch lines upon her skin, but it’s not the ache of muscle or bone that gnaws at her soul. No, it’s the proximity to Swift—the tempest who shattered her heart, a tempest now her reluctant comrade.

Yet, the tempests are not the only squalls brewing. Beneath the moon’s conspiratorial gaze, Cas unearths a truth as treacherous as the tides: Bao is not the sole aberration. Other Reckoners, illicitly bartered to pirates, slip their chains, their rebellion a tempest of scales and fury. They surge through the NeoPacific, fangs bared, rending ships asunder, and despoiling the ocean’s delicate choreography. And Cas, the Reckoner whisperer, stands at the fulcrum of chaos.

Her dilemma? How to wield her newfound power against creatures once cradled in her empathy. The sea, capricious and vengeful, demands her allegiance. But can she brandish her blade against those she once cradled? The murky waters churn with moral quandaries, and Cas must choose: embrace the cutthroat ethos of piracy or drown in the abyssal depths of her own conscience.

Vows of Empire

The Bloodright Trilogy #3

by Emily Skrutskie

Stardust and Sovereign Secrets

In the cosmic theater of intrigue, where stars collide, and empires waltz on the precipice of annihilation, two princely constellations drift apart. Gal and Ettian—once inseparable, now celestial strangers—bear the weight of secrets that could shatter galaxies.

Picture it— a military academy cloaked in shadows and whispered confidences. Gal, heir to the Umber Empire, conceals his lineage like a black hole devouring light. Ettian, his confidant, harbors a truth equally damning: he is the elusive heir to the Archon throne. Their camaraderie, once forged in clandestine corridors, now dances on the edge of cosmic collapse.

But behold—the rebellion unfurls its tattered banner. Gal’s revelation ignites the fuse: Umber’s conquests, a tapestry of blood and iron, must unravel. Ettian, bound by honor, unveils his own star-kissed secret. The Archon’s legacy courses through his veins, and salvation lies in wresting the galaxy from Umber’s greedy grasp.

Yet fate, capricious as a comet’s tail, intervenes. Gal, ensnared by Umber’s talons, becomes a pawn in their cosmic chess match. His crown awaits, a heavy burden upon his brow. Meanwhile, Ettian commands the Archon’s fleet, a constellation of defiance. Their reunion? A collision of quasars—their orbits divergent, their hearts entangled.

As war’s tempests gather, they stand astride opposing abysses. Loyalties fray like cosmic strings, and love—oh, love—hangs in the balance. For in this celestial finale, Gal and Ettian must reckon with debts unpaid: to empires, to comrades, and to the cosmic forces that conspire to keep them apart.

Will they forge a universe where princely hearts can coalesce, or will their love be but stardust scattered across the void?

Panels of Pride: Unveiling the World of Gay Graphic Novels

Forget capes and tights. These heroes wear their hearts on their sleeves (and sometimes fabulous costumes)! Dive into the vibrant world of gay graphic novels, where characters defy stereotypes and fight for love, justice, and the perfect shade of lipstick.  Explore coming-of-age stories, thrilling adventures, and heart-warming romances, all brought to life by stunning artwork.  Unleash the power of graphic storytelling and discover the joy of LGBTQ representation in the world of panels and ink.

Heartstopper: Volume 5

Heartstopper #5

by Alice Oseman

Love in the Time of University Applications (and Maybe Some Snogging)

This isn’t your average coming-of-age story. It’s a technicolor tapestry woven with anxieties, university applications, and the ever-present question: can love survive bunk beds and questionable cafeteria food? Nick and Charlie are officially an item, but navigating “the next level” proves trickier than a calculus exam. Will Charlie muster the courage to, ahem, spend the night? And with Nick’s university looming, is their newfound happiness destined for a long-distance heartbreak? Buckle up, binge-readers, for a poignant exploration of young love, self-discovery, and the existential dread of choosing a major.

Contains discussions around mental health, eating disorders, and sexual references.

Now an acclaimed live-action Netflix series!

If You’ll Have Me

by Eunnie

Can a shy wallflower and a notorious heartbreaker find love in the crowded halls of freshman year?

Buckle up for a rom-com that’s both adorable and slightly terrifying. Introverted Momo dispenses friendship like free samples at Costco, while PG cultivates an aura of mystery as effective as a taxidermied raccoon. Beneath the flirting and aloofness, though, PG has a heart that goes on clearance sales faster than last season’s clothes. When fate (or maybe just spilled ramen) throws them together, a blossoming romance faces trials including: overprotective friends, commitment phobia, and the pesky baggage of PG’s past. Will their connection survive the drama? Or will it crumble faster than a stale croissant?

The Glass Scientists: Volume One

The Glass Scientists #1

by S.H. Cotugno

Forget angry villagers with pitchforks! In this Victorian romp, the biggest threat to mad scientists isn’t fire, it’s bad PR.

London’s become a real drag for innovators. Remember Frankenstein? Yeah, thanks to him, the locals are jumpier than a cat in a yarn factory around anything remotely scientific. Enter the dashing Dr. Jekyll, a PR whiz with a plan as audacious as a monocle on a goldfish. He’s built a haven for eccentric geniuses, the Society for Arcane Sciences, where they can tinker with time travel and resurrect the dead – all without the pesky torches and riots. But just when Jekyll thinks he’s got the whole “mad scientist” image under control, a mysterious stranger throws a wrench (or perhaps a genetically-modified hamster?) into the works. Now, with paranoia at an all-time high and his own hidden past threatening to explode, Jekyll must scramble to keep it all together. This first volume packs a punch with humor, thrills, and exclusive bonus content, proving that science can be shockingly entertaining, even if it means dodging a few pitchforks along the way.

Boys Weekend

by Mattie Lubchansky

A Bachelor Party to Die For (Literally)

Trade the strippers for sacrificial altars in this hilarious horror romp where a trans woman navigates a bachelor weekend gone bad – like, blood cult bad. Buckle up because Sammie, a recently out trans artist’s assistant, is heading to El Campo – a floating Vegas on bath salts, where the only rule is “don’t get ritually sacrificed.” Their old college crew invited them on a bachelor trip for their “nice guy” friend Adam, who seems to be clinging to the “man” part of Sammie’s deadname harder than a barnacle on a whale. Awkward small talk with clueless bros is bad enough, but add in a murderous cult, and things get downright existential (with a side of tentacle monsters, probably). This award-winning graphic novel by Mattie Lubchansky is a hilarious and horrifying exploration of navigating the world as a trans person, the pitfalls of “hustle culture,” and the question: can a weekend with your ex-friends possibly get any worse? Spoiler alert: yes, yes it can.

The Moth Keeper

by Kay O’Neill

Moonlight Sonata, Maybe Nap Later?

Anya finally snagged her dream job: guarding magical moths! But turns out, moonlit solitude isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Get ready for a fantastical coming-of-age tale about duty, friendship, and the allure of a good afternoon nap. Anya’s practically bursting with pride. She’s the official Moth Keeper, protector of the luminous moths that bring forth the village’s precious Night-Lily flower. Except, nights in the desert are brrr-freezing, and those moths live waaaay out there. Lonely and pining for some sunshine, Anya hatches a daring plan: a quick daytime snooze. Big mistake. Turns out, the moonbeam world runs on a delicate balance, and Anya’s siesta disrupts it in a major way. Now, she must face the consequences, mend fences with her newfound moth-buddies, and maybe, just maybe, learn the importance of both duty and a decent power nap. This middle-grade graphic novel by K. O’Neill is a whimsical adventure about responsibility, self-discovery, and the magic that blooms under the twilight sky (and maybe even a little sunshine).

Love is a Battlefield (But Make it Gay): Unveiling the World of Gay Romance Novels

Swoon-worthy kisses, delightful drama, and happily ever afters that go beyond “happily ever after.” Buckle up, bookworms, because we’re venturing into the delightful world of gay romance novels!  Prepare for witty banter hotter than a California sunrise, unforgettable characters with impeccable taste in clothes (and men!), and enough meet-cutes to fill a rom-com convention.  So, ditch the damsels in distress and brooding billionaires because these love stories are all about celebrating love that knows no bounds, with a healthy dose of humor and heartwarming feelings along the way.

Iris Kelly Doesn’t Date

Bright Falls #3

by S.H. Cotugno

Iris Kelly Doesn’t Date (But Needs Material for Her Fake-Dating Rom-Com…Oops)

Surrounded by lovebirds, jaded romance novelist Iris Kelly swears off happily ever afters. Enter a disastrous one-night stand, a play audition gone wrong, and a fake dating scheme that’s more real than either of them bargained for. Get ready for a hilarious and heartwarming rom-com about love, deadlines, and the fine line between fiction and reality. Iris Kelly is the black sheep of the love-fest that is her life. Best friends? Coupled up. Siblings? Ditto. Parents? Still going strong after a lifetime. Don’t get her wrong, Iris is thrilled for them…from a healthy distance. Commitment-free hookups are her jam, thank you very much. But the pressure to “settle down” is mounting, especially from her looming book deadline. Inspiration for her second romance novel? MIA. Enter a night of regrettable decisions at a Portland bar, resulting in the worst one-night stand Iris has ever endured. Then fate throws another curveball: Iris lands an audition for a play, only to come face-to-face with her disastrous hookup partner, Stefania (who, plot twist, is actually named Stevie). To save face, Stevie proposes a crazy scheme: fake-date Iris. Desperate and creatively bankrupt, Iris agrees. As they navigate the world as a pretend couple, the lines between what’s real start to blur. Will Iris find her happily ever after in the most unexpected place? Or will this fake romance fizzle faster than a reality TV wedding? This witty and heartwarming rom-com by Ashley Herring Blake promises laughter, self-discovery, and a reminder that sometimes, the best love stories are the ones we write ourselves.

Nick and Charlie

Heartstopper #6.5

by Alice Oseman

Love in the Time of Textbooks: A Heartstopper Story

Can young love survive the tyranny of distance? Nick and Charlie find out in this bittersweet novella by the mastermind behind Heartstopper. Nick and Charlie: a couple made in rom-com heaven. Practically joined at the hip, their love story has warmed hearts across the globe. But even the dreamiest romances must face reality, and reality in this case comes in the form of a looming university acceptance letter for Nick.

Suddenly, whispers of “long distance” and “is this the end?” begin to poison their blissful bubble. Is their love strong enough to survive separate bedrooms, let alone separate cities? As doubts cloud their once-sunny outlook, Charlie wrestles with crippling insecurity, and Nick, bless his clueless heart, can’t decipher Charlie’s radio silence for the life of him.

Will their epic love story become a cautionary tale, or can they rewrite the ending? Find out in this heartwarming novella that proves sometimes, absence really does make the heart grow fonder…or something like that.

The Borrow a Boyfriend Club

by Page Powars

Where Love Isn’t Part of the Package (But Maybe It Should Be?)

New school, new identity? Noah’s got a plan (a slightly ridiculous one) to prove his masculinity, but it involves a secret club, a grumpy (but secretly adorable) president, and a whole lot of fake dating. Buckle up for a hilarious and heartwarming coming-of-age rom-com! Noah Byrd just wants to be seen as a guy. Like, a real, uncomplicated dude. The problem? His classmates haven’t quite gotten the memo about his trans identity. Enter the Borrow a Boyfriend Club, a clandestine student organization that rents out guys for dates (think Italian Club with a much more interesting side hustle). Noah figures this is his ticket to bro-town – infiltrate the club, prove his manliness, problem solved! Except, the interview goes about as well as a mime trapped in a mosh pit. Desperate, Noah cuts a deal with Asher, the club’s infuriatingly handsome (and secretly kind of sweet?) president. The deal: Noah helps them win the school talent show, and Asher gives him another shot at “boyfriend bootcamp” (which may or may not involve fake-dating Asher himself). Can Noah pull off the ultimate performance and convince everyone he’s one of the guys? The bigger question: what happens if he succeeds, but his heart belongs to the very club that forbids real feelings? This debut rom-com by Page Powars is a laugh-out-loud journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and maybe, just maybe, finding love in the most unexpected place (hint: it might wear a ridiculously high man bun).

They Hate Each Other

by Amanda Woody

Enemies to Lovers with a Fake Dating Twist (and Maybe a Few Fake Punches)

Jonah and Dylan are the definition of opposites attract… except they’d rather repel each other into oblivion. But a fake dating scheme throws them into a hilarious (and maybe a little heartwarming?) tailspin. Get ready for enemies-to-lovers with a side of strategic fake-fighting! Jonah Collins and Dylan Ramírez share a vocabulary reserved for their least favorite things. Jonah thinks Dylan is everything a high school stereotype should be – arrogant, entitled, the epitome of “golden boy.” Dylan, in turn, considers Jonah a loud-mouthed attention hog who couldn’t stay quiet if his life depended on it. Their friends are convinced their animosity is just a cover for burning passion – a theory that goes nuclear when Jonah and Dylan wake up inexplicably tangled in the same bed after homecoming. Mortified, they hatch a plan: fake date each other. It’s the perfect solution – a staged public breakup will show everyone they were never meant to be. But as their charade unfolds, the lines between real and pretend start to blur. Will they stick to their fake-fighting script, or will their carefully constructed dislike crumble faster than a stale cafeteria croissant? This witty and heartwarming enemies-to-lovers story by [Author Name] proves that sometimes, the most unexpected relationships bloom in the most chaotic gardens.

Caught in a Bad Fauxmance

by Elle Gonzalez Rose

Love, Lies, and Lakeside Shenanigans

Can a fake romance survive a family feud more bitter than a Vermont maple syrup spillage? Devin’s about to find out. Devin Baez craved a peaceful winter break at Lake Andreas. That dream evaporated faster than a snowflake on a hot toddy the moment the Seo-Cookes, his nemesis next-door neighbors and reigning champions of the annual Winter Games, waltzed back into town. Desperate to dethrone these egomaniacs, Devin’s family hatches a ludicrous plan – offer up their beloved cabin as a bet. When Julian Seo-Cooke, the infuriatingly handsome son of the enemy, needs a fake boyfriend, Devin sees his chance to infiltrate the rival camp and expose their underhanded tactics. But amidst the snowball fights and whispered secrets, the line between faux-mance and real feelings blurs faster than a skier on an icy slope. Will Devin expose the Seo-Cookes’ cheating ways, or will love conquer all, even a family feud more twisted than a pretzel dipped in fondue?

A Shot in the Dark

by Victoria Lee

More Than Just a One-Night Stand with Your Photography Professor (Probably)

A Brooklyn comeback fueled by second chances, self-discovery, and a whole lot of forbidden attraction. Elisheva Cohen, fresh off a decade-long exile from her Orthodox community, returns to Brooklyn with a chip on her shoulder and a camera in hand. A scholarship to study under the enigmatic art world legend Wyatt Cole feels like a fresh start, a chance to confront the ghosts of her past addiction. But fate, or perhaps a night of revelry at a notorious queer club, throws her a curveball. The morning after a scorching one-night stand, hungover Ely stumbles into her first photography class, only to find her heartthrob from the night before standing at the front – none other than Wyatt Cole himself.

Turns out, the brooding artist with a James Dean smirk hides a past filled with his own demons: a military discharge and family estrangement after coming out as transgender. Both Ely and Wyatt grapple with the scars of their struggles, finding solace and a deeper connection in their shared vulnerability. But their undeniable chemistry collides with the very real boundaries of a student-teacher relationship. Can they navigate the murky waters of forbidden love, or will their desires remain a well-exposed negative, forever undeveloped?

Busting Ghosts (and Stereotypes) with Gay Paranormal Books

Forget damsels in distress and brooding hunks – these aren’t your grandma’s ghost stories!  Unleash the spooky side with thrilling tales of gay paranormal fiction.  Join ghost hunters on chilling investigations, solve mysteries alongside psychically gifted detectives, or maybe even face off against a pack of supernatural baddies with a sassy team of monster slayers.  These stories are packed with chilling encounters, suspenseful adventures, and enough plot twists to keep you guessing until the very last page.  So, grab your flashlight and prepare to delve into the thrilling world of gay paranormal fiction!

In Charm’s Way

The Witches of Thistle Grove #4

by Lana Harper

When Memory Fails, Magic Backfires, and a Fae Huntress Saves the Day (Maybe)

Forget amnesia, Delilah’s got a rogue succubus problem. Luckily, a brooding huntress with a penchant for knives just showed up. Delilah Harlow’s memory is about as reliable as a bewitched broomstick. After a near-fatal power surge scrambled her brain, the once fiercely independent witch is reduced to relying on ravens and exasperated friends. Desperate to reclaim her powers (and dignity), Delilah dabbles in forbidden magic – a blood spell promising both healing and a memory boost. It works, sort of. Her mind is clear, but she’s also become a walking siren song for every nasty supernatural creature lurking in the shadows. Just as a rogue succubus is about to cash in on Delilah’s newfound allure, a mysterious savior appears: Catriona Quinn, a half-fae, half-human monster hunter with a resting murder face and a collection of very sharp knives. Despite Delilah’s initial reservations (namely, the whole “knife-wielding fae” thing), they’re forced to team up. As they delve deeper into the magical underbelly of Thistle Grove, they uncover not only the town’s forgotten secrets, but a simmering attraction that threatens to turn Delilah’s world upside down. Will Delilah reclaim her memories and her magic, or will this unlikely partnership lead them both down a path more dangerous than a coven of disgruntled pixies?

The Narrow

by Kate Alice Marshall

Can Secrets Stay Buried…Especially When You’re Dead?

Dreading dorm life? Try death instead! In this delightfully terrifying novel, Eden White finds herself entangled with a far more chilling roommate than a snoring freshman. Attempted-drowned Delphine, a beautiful recluse with a mysterious connection to the potentially murderous Narrow River, offers a chilling proposition: be my companion and avoid financial expulsion. But whispers of the last companion’s watery demise and strange occurrences make Eden question her decision. Is Delphine haunted by the river’s secrets or something even more sinister? Prepare for goosebumps and spilled tea as this ghost story with bite unravels the truth about friendship, the afterlife, and the dangers of keeping your secrets too close to the vest (or the riverbank).

Another Dimension of Us

by Mike Albo

Teen Angst Takes a Multiversal Turn: It’s The Breakfast Club Meets Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (But Way Gayer)

Remember yearning for your best friend in the age of neon headbands and Reaganomics? Now add a dash of astral projection, a lightning bolt of the supernatural, and a sprinkle of interdimensional travel – that’s the recipe for this paranormal coming-of-age story. Follow Tommy, a closeted teen in 1986, whose crush on his best friend, Renaldo (a budding poet with a penchant for paisley), gets zapped by a literal bolt from the blue. Renaldo emerges…changed. Fast forward to 2044, where Pris, a high schooler haunted by dreams of a boy named Tommy and a spooky house, stumbles upon a dusty self-help book that unlocks the secrets of trans-dimensional travel. Suddenly, minds and bodies collide across the astral plane, and a ragtag group of teenagers from different eras must band together to save Renaldo from a demonic entity. Buckle up for a thrilling journey of self-discovery, first loves, and the power of friendship – all with a healthy dose of interdimensional whoop-assery.

Deadbeat Druid

Adam Binder #3

by David R. Slayton

Love Stinks, Especially in the Underworld: A Soul-Stealing Adventure

Forget takeout and Netflix – Adam Binder has bigger (and smellier) problems. After failing to vanquish a warlock who wronged his family in the worst way possible, Adam’s true love, Vic, got sucked into the underworld. Not exactly the romantic getaway they were planning. Now, fueled by a potent cocktail of grief, rage, and unwavering devotion, Adam embarks on a solo spelunking trip through the bowels of the afterlife. Think Dante’s Inferno with a dash of “Honey Boo Boo Goes to Hell.” Demons with questionable hygiene, ghosts with an eternal grudge, and the complete lack of decent Wi-Fi are just the tip of the rotting iceberg. But the real challenge? Finding the missing heart of Death herself. If Adam can’t sweet-talk the embodiment of mortality, both he and Vic are stuck playing shuffleboard with Satan’s grandma for eternity. Buckle up for a hilarious, terrifying, and surprisingly heartwarming adventure that proves love truly does conquer all, even the bureaucratic nightmare that is the Department of Afterlife Permits.

Murder, Mayhem, and Masterminds: Unveiling the Thrills of Gay Thrillers

Forget damsels in distress and brooding detectives with questionable hygiene – these thrillers are all about sharp wit, heart-pounding suspense, and cracking cases with a fabulous partner (or maybe even a nemesis with a killer sense of style!).  Dive into a world where danger lurks around every corner, secrets are deadlier than a stiletto heel, and the only thing hotter than the chase is the undeniable chemistry between our protagonists.  Prepare for thrilling twists, witty banter sharper than a shiv, and enough plot reveals to leave you breathless.  So, grab your metaphorical trench coat (and maybe a sassy sidekick), because we’re about to unravel the mysteries of the captivating world of gay thrillers!

Killing Me

by Michelle Gagnon

From Damsel in Distress to Dice-Rolling Diva: This Ain’t Your Mama’s Serial Killer Thriller

Forget damsels in distress – Amber Jamison is a walking, talking middle finger to the stereotype. So when a white van abduction attempt (seriously, the nerve!) lands her face-to-face with a would-be psycho, she’s more annoyed than scared. The plot thickens when a mysterious woman swoops in like a guardian angel with a penchant for disappearing acts.

Now, with the cops hot on her tail for past sins (let’s just say her life wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows), Amber embarks on a cross-country caper that would make Thelma and Louise blush. A seedy Las Vegas motel, a film-noir obsessed manager, and a streetwise sex worker become her unlikely allies as she finds herself smack dab in the crosshairs of the world’s most prolific killer. Talk about a bad case of mistaken identity!

This isn’t your average serial killer thriller. It’s a high-stakes game of cat and mouse with a heroine who’s as sharp as a stiletto and twice as dangerous. Buckle up, because Amber’s about to roll the dice on survival – and the odds are definitely stacked against her.

Natural Beauty

by Ling Ling Huang

Forget Juicy Couture; This is Beauty with a Bite.

Can a single note change your life? For our unnamed pianist, it can. Her haunting melody sets her apart at the Conservatory, a talent honed by her exiled musician parents. But fate, crueler than a flat note, leaves them incapacitated. Dreams of concert halls are traded for the sterile aisles of Holistik, a luxury beauty store in New York City.

Think remora fish feasting on bargain-basement Botox and spider silk eyelashes – this ain’t your average Sephora. Here, our protagonist is seduced by a world of privilege and a captivating friendship with Helen, the owner’s niece. But beneath the veneer of flawless complexions and designer diets, a darkness lurks. As mountains of miracle creams and dubious detox concoctions pile up, a horrifying truth begins to seep through.

This darkly funny debut by Ling Ling Huang is more than a shopping spree gone wrong. It’s a razor-sharp exploration of consumerism, the tyranny of beauty standards, and the search for identity in a world obsessed with appearances. Get set for a shocking and unsettling truth, all served with a side of wicked wit.

Bad Cree

by Jessica Johns

Haunted by Crows and Family Secrets: A Cree Woman’s Journey into the Darkness

Forget dreamcatchers, this is a nightmare you can’t wake up from. Mackenzie, a young Cree woman, wakes up clutching a severed crow’s head, a chilling echo of a terrifying dream filled with feathered attackers. The horror doesn’t end with waking – crows follow her everywhere, cryptic text messages surface, and a long-suppressed memory resurfaces: a fateful weekend at the family cabin, shrouded in the fog of her sister Sabrina’s death.

Haunted by guilt and a darkness that transcends the waking world, Mackenzie flees to her Cree hometown, hoping for solace. Instead, she finds a family drowning in the same grief she ran from. As the dreams intensify, blurring the lines between reality and nightmare, a chilling question emerges: what really happened at the lake that night?

This gripping debut by Jessica Johns is a chilling blend of supernatural horror and a deeply personal exploration of family secrets and the scars of trauma. It’s a story that will force you to confront the darkness within, all while asking – can you ever truly escape the legacy of violence that haunts your land, your family, and your soul?

The Last Girls Standing

by Jennifer Dugan

Camp Slaughter Survivors: Can You Trust the One Person Left?

Remember summer camp? Now imagine it with a side of murder. Sloan and Cherry, unlikely soulmates forged in the fires of a masked machete massacre, are the only counselors left standing. Bonded by trauma, they seem inseparable. But as new evidence surfaces, cracks begin to show in their perfect survivor story.

Sloan starts questioning Cherry’s innocence. Was she just another victim, or something more? Is Cherry manipulating Sloan, or is paranoia clouding her judgment? This chilling YA thriller by Jessica Brody, perfect for fans of “One of Us Is Lying” and “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder,” explores the dark side of trauma, the complexities of relationships, and the terrifying question: who can you trust when everyone has a secret?

Brace yourself for a suspenseful journey where truth is a razor blade, trust is a fragile thread, and the only thing more terrifying than the masked attackers might be the person sleeping next to you.

The Wicked Unseen

by Gigi Griffis

Small Town Secrets, Big Town Trouble: This Ain’t Your Mama’s Satanic Panic

Forget polyester jumpsuits and possessed Barbies, this is a Fear Street for the modern age. Audre, a city slicker with a penchant for girls-not-pearls, finds herself thrust into a backwards town obsessed with a phantom Satanic cult. When the preacher’s daughter, Elle (Audre’s not-so-secret crush), vanishes on Halloween night, the entire town turns into a paranoid mob, fingers pointed squarely at the outsider – Audre.

Between dodging accusations of devil worship and navigating small-town homophobia, Audre decides to take matters into her own hands. As she delves deeper into the mystery, the veneer of religious fervor starts to peel away, revealing something far more sinister lurking beneath the surface. Is Elle’s disappearance connected to this supposed cult, or is there a darker truth at play?

This gripping YA novel is perfect for fans of spooky settings, small-town secrets, and the power of standing up for what’s right, even if it means being ostracized. Strap in, because Audre is about to uncover a truth more terrifying than any demon ritual – the monsters in this town wear rosaries, not robes.

Historical Fiction with Hidden Hearts: Unearthing LGBTQ Stories from the Past

Step back in time, but not into the history books!  Uncover captivating tales of love, loss, and resilience in the world of historical fiction with gay characters.  Explore forbidden romances that blossom in opulent ballrooms, daring adventures fueled by rebellion, and hidden identities whispered through the ages.  These stories shed light on the past, not as it was written, but as it might have been lived, celebrating the vibrant tapestry of LGBTQ experiences that defy the limitations of time.  Prepare to be swept away by tales of courage, defiance, and love that transcend the boundaries of history.

Lucky Red

by Claudia Cravens

Don’t Mess with Red: A Gunslinging Gal Seeks Grit, Grub, and a Good Gal in the Wild West

Saddle up, city slickers, for a rootin’ tootin’ tale of revenge and redemption! Meet Bridget, a fiery redhead orphaned by a snakebite and left to fend for herself in the unforgiving Kansas prairie. Dodge City beckons with the promise of a new life, but not the kind with a picket fence and a white dress. Bridget finds herself at the Buffalo Queen, the only brothel in town (and run by women, no less!). Here, she finds more than just a roof and a plate – she finds friendship, sisterhood, and a healthy dose of sass.

Life’s good…until Spartan Lee, the baddest sharpshooter this side of the Mississippi, rides into town. Bridget’s heart skips a beat faster than a six-shooter, but love doesn’t come easy on the frontier. Double-crosses and betrayals threaten the Buffalo Queen, leaving Bridget with a burning thirst for vengeance and a newfound desire for control over her own destiny.

This ain’t your grandpappy’s Western. Lucky Red is a fierce, funny, and refreshingly modern take on a classic genre. It’s a story about love, loyalty, and the grit it takes to carve your own path in a world that’s been dealt a crooked hand. So, dust off your Stetson, grab a glass of sarsaparilla, and get ready for a wild ride!

Solomon’s Crown

by Natasha Siegel

Throne vs. True Love: A Medieval Clash of Hearts and Swords

A crown rests between us, but his heart feels closer than God.” Imagine a Europe divided, where two young monarchs are destined to be sworn enemies. Philip, the newly crowned King of France, craves to rebuild his empire and etch his name in glory. His fiercest adversary? King Henry of England, a man whose sole purpose seems to be France’s downfall. But fate throws Philip a curveball – an alliance with Henry’s rebellious son, Richard, Duke of Aquitaine.

Richard, fueled by a fiery hatred for his tyrannical father, never envisioned himself as king. Now, he sees a chance to dethrone the man he loathes. Initially, Philip is just another pawn in his game of vengeance. However, amidst the treacherous webs of politics, love blossoms between them, as forbidden as it is fierce.

As the drums of war beat ever louder, Philip and Richard face an agonizing choice – surrender to their hearts’ desires or claim their thrones and etch their names in history. Will their love survive the battlefield, or will it become another casualty of a kingdom’s ambition?

This epic romance, bursting with royal intrigue and heart-wrenching betrayals, reimagines the lives of two real-life kings caught in a tug-of-war between love and legacy. Prepare to be swept away by a story that asks: can love conquer all, even when it stands in the way of a crown?

Let the Dead Bury the Dead

by Allison Epstein

Forget Tinder, Tsar Has a Hot Mess Second Son!

Let the Dead Bury the Dead takes you on a sleigh ride through a wacky alternate-history Russia. Napoleon just bit the dust, but the real chills are brewing back home. Captain Sasha returns to find his delightfully disgraced boyfriend, Grand Duke Felix, entangled with a mysterious Sofia who whispers sweet nothings (and possibly plots a revolution?). As Felix throws tantrums at Daddy Tsar about the downtrodden peasants, Sasha wrestles with old-fashioned superstitions and a love triangle colder than a Siberian night. Meanwhile, Marya, a charming thief with a cause, gets swept up in the Koalitsiya’s plan to paralyze St. Petersburg. Think “Les Misérables” meets “Anastasia,” with a dash of dark fairytales thrown in for good measure. This is a historical romp that proves the struggle for a better tomorrow never gets old, even if the fashion does.

Up with the Sun

by Thomas Mallon

Broadway Wannabe Meets Murder Most Foul.

Ever heard of Dick Kallman? No? Exactly. This cautionary tale chronicles the rise and fall of a minor league celebrity who peaked somewhere between chorus boy and sitcom has-been. From hobnobbing with Lucille Ball to a starring role in a show quickly canceled, Dick’s career sputtered like a dying firework. Then, in 1980, WHAM! He’s a red carpet stain, courtesy of a mystery killer.

Enter Matt Liannetto, Dick’s piano accompanist and reluctant confidante. Matt, a talented yet uncelebrated musician, navigates the glittering world of Broadway while grappling with his own secret life in a time when being gay meant playing charades. Up With The Sun is a historical kaleidoscope spanning three decades. We’ll sashay through 50s soundstages, get mugged in 70s alleyways, and rub elbows with faded stars like yesterday’s gossip. Imagine spilling tea about Rock Hudson with Sophie Tucker at Judy Garland’s comeback show!

This isn’t just a murder mystery; it’s a poignant exploration of a forgotten life, a bygone era of show business, and the struggles of a hidden LGBTQ+ community. So, grab your metaphorical highballs and prepare to be transported to a time when dreams were big, closets were smaller, and one wrong turn could get you a one-way ticket to curtains closed.

The Disenchantment

by Celia Bell

Forbidden Love in the City of Lights: A Scandal to Die For

Forget stuffy soirees and loveless marriages. In 17th century Paris, the real intrigue happens behind tapestries. Baroness Marie Catherine craves escape – from a suffocating husband and a society obsessed with appearances. Salons become her battlegrounds, filled not with gossip but with forbidden desires – particularly for the captivating Victoire, a countess who embodies the confidence Marie Catherine desperately seeks.

Their love affair is a revolution in silk stockings. Yet, Victoire’s passion takes a bloody turn, plunging them into a cat-and-mouse game with Paris’ most ruthless detective. Prepare to navigate Parisian back alleys, gilded cages at Versailles, and a world where secrets are deadlier than poison. This debut novel is a captivating exploration of female desire, rebellion, and the lengths hearts will go to in the pursuit of forbidden love.